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Exciting news: #ACA8 has successfully passed through the California Legislature and is slated for the November 2024 ballot. This legislation marks significant progress in our efforts to combat modern-day slavery by addressing involuntary servitude. In November, voters will have the opportunity to support #EndSlaveryinCA directly at the ballot box. Stay informed and help spread awareness on ways to contribute to ending slavery in California.

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Slavery is still legal...

Passed in 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is celebrated for abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude. However, to the surprise of many, the Thirteenth Amendment includes an exception clause that allows slavery and involuntary servitude to be used as punishment for crime.

We envision a United States where all people, without exception, are free from slavery in their state and federal constitutions.

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Rep. Sandra Hollins, Utah's first Black female representative and Joan Trumpauer on the Utah State Floor after Rep. Hollins introduced HJR 8 to remove slavery and involuntary servitude from the Utah Constitution.

Wage Theft, Under Force



Incarcerated people are forced to work for private corporations, state-owned corporations, and correctional agencies, making an average of $0.86 per day.



In five states — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas — incarcerated people are forced to work under threat of further punishment for no pay.



Every year, over $14 billion in wages is stolen from incarcerated workers, depriving communities decimated by mass incarceration of economic stability.

Incarcerated people who refuse to work for little to no pay are often beaten, denied visits and calls, put in solitary confinement, and even denied parole.

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Puerto Rico: No existirá la esclavitud, ni forma alguna de servidumbre involuntaria salvo la que pueda imponerse por causa de delito, previa sentencia condenatoria.

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to tell Congress to pass the Abolition Amendment.

The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution outlawed slavery and involuntary servitude ‘except as a punishment for crime where of the party shall have been duly convicted.’

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Max Parthas, Co-Director of State Operations

Max Parthas is an internationally recognized Spoken Word Artist and American Slavery Abolitionist. In addition to numerous awards for his art, he is the recipient of the Missouri CURE Marc Taylor Activism Award, the Will Bell Humanitarian Award, and the “In The Spirit of Malcom X'' award from MX Media. 

Max is the current Acting Director for the Paul Cuffee Abolitionist Center in Sumpter, SC., Co-Director of State Operations for the Abolish Slavery National Network. Abolishslavery.us. and Co-host/Executive producer of Abolition Today (a unique online modern- slavery abolition episodic master class with an international audience.) abolitiontoday.org